StykFaktor – “Fifteen Winters” Album Review

Fifteen Winters – StykFaktor

If there is one thing that has remained certain for the St. Louis, Missouri music scene is that our electronic bands have been criminally under-appreciated and always over-looked.

Fifteen Winters is the new album from St. Louis’s StykFaktor to mark his (Styk-the band’s sole member) 15 year anniversary since the inception of the project.

The past 15 years have been met with a number of highs and lows for Stykfaktor… both personally and professionally. Fortunately, he’s always been able to pour all of this into what he does best… his music.  Out of respect, I’ll let his words and music speak for themselves in that regard.

Stykfaktor’s 15 year history has seen several compilation appearances and a number of independently released albums.  About half of the material on the new album, Fifteen Winters has been remixed/remastered and the other half, completely new songs.  All of it is the product of extremely hard work over the past 2+ years.  Body Music Records is the label that has just released Fifteen Winters.

Notice up until this point I have largely avoided style.  The least I can do is not limit it to one.  Fans of darkwave, synth-pop and even goth can all find something in StykFaktor’s history to love.  Fifteen Winters is filled with such a mix along with Styk’s unmistakable vocals.  If you are reading this and you have anything in your collection from Human League, Project Pitchfork, VNV Nation, Leaether Strip, 80s new wave etc… add this to your collection.

Let me point out that “Tears for Elaine” is probably one of the best, most emotional tracks I’ve ever heard StykFaktor do.  I’ll leave it at that.

Fifteen Winters is often up-beat, often danceable, always emotional and most of all, always honest…further proof that electronic music born in St. Louis, Missouri has always been criminally underrated and again…overlooked.

I’m glad a label was finally wise enough to pick this up.  Check out the rest of StykFaktor’s history and music via the links below:

Stykfaktor – Darkwave, Synthpop from St. Louis, Missouri                                                                         

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