Prefix Suffix – “It’s All Noise” Album Review (harsh noise)

No title could be closer to the truth of today's offering. Denmark's Prefix Suffix comes to us with their latest cassette/digital release, It's All Noise. Two tracks make up the release, each of which is twenty minutes in length. Both of the cuts stay pretty much in the upper frequencies and are at about the... Continue Reading →

Interview With NOCTURNAL HISS (noise/electronic)

Nocturnal Hiss is an obscure act that blends heavy distortion and hypnotic electro beats ultimately yielding a truly unique experimental approach.  Their aesthetics are as raw and bare as their sonic approach.  The latest release is called Stop Eating Animals/Start Eating Acid.  You can check it out at the Bandcamp link at the bottom of... Continue Reading →

Interview With BRAHMASTRIKA (WarNoise/Death Metal)

NOTE:  The interview was done courtesy of Occult Black Metal zine.  By now India is the source of some of the most unworldly combination of sunken magic, ancient knowledge, and blood-soaked rituals imaginable. All this is transferred into indescribable, deadly Death/Black Metal: Orbiting around the likes of TETRAGRAMMACIDE and KAPALA the extremists named BRAHMASTRIKA (hailing... Continue Reading →

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