Stariana Destroys Social Stigmas With New Single, “Paradise Is Lost On You”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:November 26, 2022 - Darkwave band, Stariana has just unveiled their new single, "Paradise Is Lost On You".  "Paradise Is Lost On You" is an anthemic rebuttal to the flawed notion that a person loving and living outside the traditional norms of society is somehow immoral or broken.  We will celebrate being alive and live as... Continue Reading →

Gothic/Occult Wave Duo, Raven Said Brings Alchemy To ‘Chants To Dissolve

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:November 11, 2022 - Gothic/occult wave duo Raven Said has just unveiled their new EP, Chants To Dissolve. Chants To Dissolve is about the spiritual essence that represents a certain alchemical phase of Solve (a transitional process between the Nigredo and Albedo phases in basic Alchemy).  On the abstract, the EP represents the invisible and inaudible flattering of... Continue Reading →

Dark Ambient Project, Cucurbitophobia Goes Nostalgic With ‘Autumnal Apparitions’

For Immediate Release:October 25, 2022 - Cucurbitophobia, known for their dark ambient, horror-inspired masterpiece releases has just unveiled their latest release in time for the Halloween season. Autumnal Apparitions is a collection of works inspired by the Autumn season. A rustic, nostalgic, melancholy ambiance is prevalent throughout the album, portraying an ebb and flow between dark, experimental dissonance... Continue Reading →

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