An Interview With tAngerinecAt (electronic/experimental)

Rarely do bands come along who not only push the envelope, ignore genre constraints but go the extra length to create their own. tAngerinecAt is such a band. Who would have thought that mixing electronic beats and a hurdy-gurdy? UK's tAngerinecAt answers that question. Their Bandcamp would indicate that indeed they are developing a cult... Continue Reading →

HAUJOBB Release Album Catalogue Digitally Via Dependent

HAUJOBB will reissue all albums from the period between 1995 to 2018 digitally via Dependent. Particularly the continuously requested early releases, "Freeze Frame Reality" and its remix-album "Frames" (1995), and "Solutions for a Small Planet" (1996) will be officially made available through digital platforms for the first time. A list of all digital reissues can be found below. HAUJOBB comment:... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Soluna’s Intimum Mysterium (experimental/electronic)

Soluna's Intimum Mysterium is a California-based project that defies categorization and creates its own definition. The project "is a multidimensional musical tapestry of original sonic journeys. Through the chronicling of deeply intuited tonal explorations, SIM enables access to uncharted dimensions, worlds of exquisite light, and wombs of lush darkness." We are very grateful for their... Continue Reading →

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