Dark Ambient Act LONG THE NIGHT Reveals The Ominous & Melancholic “Illusion”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:April 29, 2021 - US dark ambient act LONG THE NIGHT has released their new full-length album, Illusion.  Illusion is a sonic journey capturing the deep melancholy sound of things that are likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. Consisting of massive drones, chants, and field recordings, Illusion paints the picture of darkness trying to find a... Continue Reading →

Dark Ambient Act IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS Reveals Their Compilation, “A Collection I”

"Mature, hypnotic works exploring themes of grief, tapestriesof mood, and dramatic natural landscapes."- Danica Swanson (Endarkenment Newsletter) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:April 27, 2021 - Dark ambient act IN THEABSENCE OF WORDS has announced the release of the first of two compilations, A Collection I.  A Collection I is a compilation of six long-form dark ambient works by IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS, which... Continue Reading →

Interview With IMBUED VAGARY (electronic/experimental)

Originally a minimalist side project from Industrial electro-terrorists, Any Questions?, Imbued Vagary coalesced into being in 1989 as an outlet for their electronic experiments and sonic soundscapes. Imbued Vagary now lives on as a musical collective of like minded musicians whose purpose is to explore new musical realms and technologies. We had the chance to explore the... Continue Reading →

Canadian DJ/Multi-Instrumentalist JHNN Gets Personal With New Album, “StereoTYP”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:April 21, 2021 - Canadian DJ & Multi-Instrumentalist JHNN has unleashed his highly-anticipated new album, StereoTYP. StereoTYP is a personal dark album redefining the definition of what it means to be a walking "StereoTYP" who enjoys different kinds of music. For fans of: NINE INCH NAILS, BOY HARSHER & DANIEL AVERY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNFPkmrOQrI&list=OLAK5uy_k8tv333RL5v4QCuq3dwdAYH7wTkruZHgo&index=7 JHNN says regarding the album,"Basically the album was made from 2016... Continue Reading →

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