Industrial Band 40 Octaves Below Brings Retribution In ‘Splintered’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:September 6, 2022 - Canadian industrial band, 40 Octaves Below just dropped their new single, "Splintered".  The track is the first single to appear on the forthcoming full-length album, MetaVersUs. The focal point of "Splintered" is retribution.  Drake Moore, the mad orchestrator behind 40 Octaves Below says, "The song itself is a casting that calls for the guilty to come to Justice."... Continue Reading →

Dark Electronic Artist SINE Addresses Alternate Reality With New EP, ‘Mantis 2’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:August 31, 2022 - Austin, Texas artist, SINE, announces the release of their new five-song EP, Mantis 2;  the second in a trilogy, “Mantis 1, 2 & 3”.  Mantis 2 is released by Austin-based record label eMERGENCY heARTS and is available NOW! Mantis 1 and Mantis 2 were produced by SINE founder, Rona Rougeheart in collaboration with esteemed audio engineer Charles Godfrey at Scary American Studio in... Continue Reading →

Techno-Industrial Band RetCon Brings Resistance & Romance To New EP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:August 26, 2022 - Techno-Industrial band, RetCon has just unveiled the release of their new EP, titled EP.01. EP.01's  overarching themes are reflection, conflict, resistance, and redemption, with a dash of twisted romance. It possesses a loose set of narratives that imply a gestalt of resistance to that which would destroy you, with the implication that despite it... Continue Reading →

Blackened Witch House Act, Morningstvr Brings The Occult To ‘The New Salem’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 22, 2022 - The blackened witch house project, Morningstvr has just unleashed the debut solo album, The New Salem via Blvsphemy Records. The New Salem encapsulates a love for occultism, history and horror films. It is a transformative spiritual journey into the new studio album.   Standout songs such as the title track “The New Salem” and “Ov Shadow And... Continue Reading →

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