Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath” CVLT Nation Sessions Tribute Album Review + free download link

There seems to be an ever-increasing number of tribute albums that should perhaps more appropriately be called cover albums.  Most often it’s a hand-picked select few artists who are asked to cover a favorite song.  It’s as simple as that.

However, CVLT Nation is doing something completely different on a number of levels and I’m glad I picked up on it.  On a whole new level they are paying tribute to these iconic releases, selecting various artists who clearly show a lot of respect to the actual musical style rather than just simply doing a cover in their on “voice.”  Moreover, these aren’t just select songs off of Black Sabbath’s first album.  Each song from the original release is covered by a different band.

Now, I’ve admittedly never been the biggest fan of doom metal outside of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus.  However, the doom metal bands on this tribute album really do an outstanding job of these songs and again, still paying tribute not just to the songs themselves but the actual style that Black Sabbath defined 47 years ago.  (Does it really seem that long?)

Here’s another thing.  CVLT Nation is giving this away FREE via bandcamp download.  They are doing better than that though.  They are also offering tribute albums for Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and Master of Reality releases in addition to tributes to Black Flag, Joy Division, Misfits, Sleep, Bathory, Discharge and Dead Kennedys.

But don’t just hit the link for free music and then bolt.  Since CVLT nation is kind enough to give these away free while showing so much respect to the music, go through their website and check out the music, film, art and marketplace sections.  Support this cool organization.

This is a refreshing release compared to the absolute flood of so-called tribute albums that have been released over the years.  Check it out and please spend some time on CVLT Nation’s site.

Black Sabbath CVLT Nation S/T tracklist:

  1. Beastmaker – Black Sabbath
  2. CHRCH – The Wizard
  3. Jupiterian – Behind the Wall of Sleep
  4. Mindkult – N.I.B.
  5. Witchthroat Serpent – Evil woman
  6. Frown – Sleeping Village
  7. Trapped Within Burning Machinery – Warning
  8. Space Bong – Wicked World      – free downloads                                                                                                                

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