Review: Caldon Glover – ‘Death Mycelium’ (dark ambient)

Dark ambient/drone fans prepare yourselves for a journey both sonically and emotionally subterranean as US-based artist Caldon Glover takes us through his new album, Death Mycelium. Caldon gives us five tracks within length of eight minutes, thirty seconds to fourteen minutes, thirty seconds. Now…I used the word “subterranean” before I even read the description for... Continue Reading →

ENSEMBLE 1 – “Guitar, Bass & Drums” Review

We journey now to Brighton, UK for an act that balances simplicity with complexity.  ENSEMBLE 1 brings us Guitar, Bass & Drums, their latest release.  The album contains three tracks for around 48 minutes.  Their Bandcamp states that “Ensemble 1 combine minimalist composition methods with speed, volume and intricate percussion techniques to create gargantuan soundscapes.” One... Continue Reading →

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