The Joy Of Nature – “Until Only The Mountain Remains” Album Review (NeoFolk)

Desperate times call for respite music.  It seems that a venture into nature may be perhaps one of the safest spots should one succumb to the desperation of self-quarantine.  From the Italian label Dornwald Records comes the first album of THE JOY OF NATURE in five years.  Inspired by Taoist poetry, the title comes from... Continue Reading →

Interview: Camecrude (experimental/noise/ambient)

Camecrude is the project of one Valentin Laborde ;a  truly unique artist who blends elements of noise and folk using such things as a hurdy gurdy, a Lyra 8 synth and his voice.  His influences came from Drone, Darkwave, Folk, Harsh Noise, Dark ambient, Gregorian Songs... And especially the philosopher E.M. Cioran.  Camecrude's latest release is... Continue Reading →

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