Review: Chris Wicked – ‘Aleine’ (darkwave/alt/neofolk)

Bergen, Norway isn't exactly known for pure and original sounding music that blends darkwave, alternative rock, neo-folk and then some. Mostly it's a home to many artists in the black metal field. Nevertheless, it's home to today's artist, Chris Wicked. Chris hasn't completely abandoned the black metal world, however, as his album has appearances from... Continue Reading →

Review: Michael Plater – ‘Ghost Music’

Today's offering comes from the UK. Michael Plater brings us his latest full-length release, 'Ghost Music'. The Belgian magazine, Peek A Boo once called Michael's music, "beautiful and timeless... music that breaks your heart". Sounds pretty accurate... At first listen we're greeted with a track, "Gathering Feathers" that has the tonal and repetitious qualities as... Continue Reading →

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