Interview With Electronic Artist, Josie Pace

Josie Pace is an artist hailing from Detroit, Michigan whose music blends elements of electro, goth, synthpop and then some. Her latest album is IV0X10V5 on Negative Gain Productions. She's also about to embark on a lengthy tour in support of Aesthetic Perfection. We'd like to thank Josie for her time in the interview. What... Continue Reading →

Techno-Industrial Band RetCon Brings Resistance & Romance To New EP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:August 26, 2022 - Techno-Industrial band, RetCon has just unveiled the release of their new EP, titled EP.01. EP.01's  overarching themes are reflection, conflict, resistance, and redemption, with a dash of twisted romance. It possesses a loose set of narratives that imply a gestalt of resistance to that which would destroy you, with the implication that despite it... Continue Reading →

DAWN OF ASHES Releases Unsettling, NSFW Video for “EMDR”!

Los Angeles based Industrial Metal band DAWN OF ASHES has revealed the hotly anticipated, intensely graphic official music video for their single, "EMDR." Fully NSFW, featuring unsettling imagery as analogies for the wholly encompassing and often contradictory experiences of severe trauma sufferers, "EMDR" is not for the feint of heart, but serves as a uniquely explicit insight... Continue Reading →

Darkwave Artist DISSONANCE Explores Passion With ‘Slowburn’

"Dissonance’s "Slowburn" insinuates itself into the listener's mind, with Hall's signature harmonization steadily vacillating between wispy restraint and a subtle kiss of abandon. Set to a sensual pulse, the song resonates with all that is Dissonance, though its punch is more ethereal and sublime."  -  Ilker Yucel - ReGen MagazineFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:February 16, 2022 - Darkwave artist DISSONANCE has... Continue Reading →

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