To promote international artists in the genres of noise, neofolk, dark ambient and metal through the creation of thoroughly researched and well-written content


Striving as a servant leader for increasing promotion, exposure and sales for underground artists.


William Zimmerman – I am the sole owner and principal writer.  My education consists of Bachelors degrees in art history and health IT and a Masters degree in strategic leadership (emphasis: design thinking).  I’m known for being a fanatic when it comes to proper grammar and punctuation.  Most of all, I am a life-long music fan who is fascinated by artists who defy rules and push boundaries.  I pride myself on developing relationships with artists, PR companies and labels.

Please feel free to contact me at inwinterbleeding@hotmail.com.

Ken VanHoose: Research and Promotion.  Ken and William have been friends for about half of their lives sharing many concerts and even the stage on a couple of occasions.

Due to the increase in interest, Ken has been put in charge of researching new opportunities for growth (locating discussion boards, forums etc.) and promotion, something he has done for many years

hAJ: Official Japan Representative.  hAJ is the sole member of Japanese ebm act, Seij minus aC

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