Horror Punk Band CUT LIKE THIS Personifies Insomnia With Latest Single, “The Boogeyman”


January 15, 2022
 –  “The Boogeyman” is the latest single from NYC Horrorpunks, CUT LIKE THIS. A deliciously evil lullaby, the song delves into the tortured musings of an insomniac facing their desire for sleep while battling their lack of control in obtaining it.

The single art portrays the horrific personification of insomnia, the titular Boogeyman,  with impressive practical SFX makeup by singer Rose Blood. Blacklight uv colors glow in stark contrast to the pitch-black darkness, echoing how the sing-song vocals intertwine with the harsh screams in the outro insisting “You’ll NEVER get to sleep!”

“The Boogeyman” is available on digital platforms NOW!

Angelspit’s remix of “The Boogeyman.” is cyberpunk vs horrorpunk in an epic remix battle TO THE DEATH! Guitars become chainsaws and synths become machetes! Blood curdling screams reverberate. Angelspit brings their brutal, signature, glitched-outi industrial stomp and “The Boogeyman” emerges covered in blood, as a slithering, creeping, bedtime story from HELL!

“It’s such an honor to go head-to-head with New York City’s finest Horror Punk Death Squad, “CUT LIKE THIS”. Their live shows blow me away, their online energy is fierce – I just had to do a remix! This new single ‘The Boogeyman’ will POUND YOUR BRAIN into nightmare stew – IT ROCKS!”– Zoog Von Rock, (Angelspit)



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