Review: Chris Wicked – ‘Aleine’ (darkwave/alt/neofolk)

Bergen, Norway isn't exactly known for pure and original sounding music that blends darkwave, alternative rock, neo-folk and then some. Mostly it's a home to many artists in the black metal field. Nevertheless, it's home to today's artist, Chris Wicked. Chris hasn't completely abandoned the black metal world, however, as his album has appearances from... Continue Reading →

rue vox Teams with HEIDI SHEPHERD (BUTCHER BABIES) in Brutal New Single, “Bitch Don’t Come For Me”

Las Vegas, NV based, dark Rock/Pop/Industrial artist rue vox has teamed up with BUTCHER BABIES frontwoman HEIDI SHEPHARD on her vicious new single, "Bitch Don't Come For Me"! With the music video produced and directed by SHANE O'NEAL, and cinematography by DEED DEBRUNO, "Bitch Don't Come For Me" was produced by BRIAN STEELE MEDINA (GEMINI SYNDROME) and features HENRY FLURY (BUTCHER BABIES) on guitar. "It’s an... Continue Reading →

Blackened Witch House Act, Morningstvr Brings The Occult To ‘The New Salem’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 22, 2022 - The blackened witch house project, Morningstvr has just unleashed the debut solo album, The New Salem via Blvsphemy Records. The New Salem encapsulates a love for occultism, history and horror films. It is a transformative spiritual journey into the new studio album.   Standout songs such as the title track “The New Salem” and “Ov Shadow And... Continue Reading →

DAWN OF ASHES Releases Unsettling, NSFW Video for “EMDR”!

Los Angeles based Industrial Metal band DAWN OF ASHES has revealed the hotly anticipated, intensely graphic official music video for their single, "EMDR." Fully NSFW, featuring unsettling imagery as analogies for the wholly encompassing and often contradictory experiences of severe trauma sufferers, "EMDR" is not for the feint of heart, but serves as a uniquely explicit insight... Continue Reading →

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