Industrial Band 40 Octaves Below Brings Retribution In ‘Splintered’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:September 6, 2022 - Canadian industrial band, 40 Octaves Below just dropped their new single, "Splintered".  The track is the first single to appear on the forthcoming full-length album, MetaVersUs. The focal point of "Splintered" is retribution.  Drake Moore, the mad orchestrator behind 40 Octaves Below says, "The song itself is a casting that calls for the guilty to come to Justice."... Continue Reading →

Interview With Electronic Artist, Josie Pace

Josie Pace is an artist hailing from Detroit, Michigan whose music blends elements of electro, goth, synthpop and then some. Her latest album is IV0X10V5 on Negative Gain Productions. She's also about to embark on a lengthy tour in support of Aesthetic Perfection. We'd like to thank Josie for her time in the interview. What... Continue Reading →

Electro-Industrial Music Producer Miss FD Releases Her New Cyberpunk Single, ‘Menticide’.

For Immediate ReleaseAugust 22, 2022 - Electro-Industrial music producer Miss FD releases her new cyberpunk single ‘Menticide’.Miss FD's latest dark-electronic single ‘Menticide’ pulses and pulls the listener through eerie cyberpunk and chiptune-inspired territory.Expect to be immersed in video-game style electronica with haunting lyrics that question the techno-dystopian nightmares being developed to immerse humanity in augmented and virtual realities.‘Menticide’ is... Continue Reading →

Blackened Witch House Act, Morningstvr Brings The Occult To ‘The New Salem’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 22, 2022 - The blackened witch house project, Morningstvr has just unleashed the debut solo album, The New Salem via Blvsphemy Records. The New Salem encapsulates a love for occultism, history and horror films. It is a transformative spiritual journey into the new studio album.   Standout songs such as the title track “The New Salem” and “Ov Shadow And... Continue Reading →

Kevorkian Death Cycle Brings Anthology Back To Life With The Re-Envisioned ‘Collection:Injection’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:August 16, 2022 - Industrial band, Kevorkian Death Cycle is revived from a seven-year sleep with the release of Collection:Injection 01, the first EP in a three-part series of releases that resurrects their classic anthology album, Collection For Injection.   Released in 1996, Collection For Injection was the culmination of a particularly experimental and exploratory four year period for the... Continue Reading →

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