Johnathan|Christian Addresses Rejection & Resilience With New EP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:February 6, 2023 - Los Angeles-based Johnathan Mooney and Stockholm’s Christian Granquist otherwise known as the Trans-Atlantic post-punk project, Johnathan|Christian have released their latest EP, Strip Me. The EP tells a story through a trilogy of songs, "Strip Me,” "Sway Back" and "This Too".  The topics addressed in the trilogy include acknowledging the fear of rejection, love's often finite... Continue Reading →

In A Darkened Room Taps Into Love, Loss & Memory With New Album

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:January 27, 2023 - Nightly meetings in a dimly-lit basement studio is where Texas-based darkwave band, In A Darkened Room and ultimately the debut album, Sorrows were born. Sorrows is the culmination of the release from the repetition and seclusion brought on by the pandemic. The title is a fitting "black umbrella" under which the eight aching tracks reside.  “We... Continue Reading →

Luna Del Luna Addresses Trauma And Abuse With Debut EP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:January 25, 2023 - Darkwave duo, Luna Del Luna recently dropped their debut self-titled EP. The inspiration behind the release comes from real life emotional and physical trauma and abuse that haunts the vocalist's mind daily. Says vocalist, Luna, "Every soul deals with their nightmares and scars differently, and mine is through music and writing... Continue Reading →

Gothic Rock Band Cathedral In Flames Unveils New Single, “Not Another Vampire Song”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:January 19, 2022 - Prague's gothic rock band Cathedral In Flames have just unveiled their new single, "Not Another Vampire Song". The single follows the release of their Nick CaveAnd The Bad Seeds cover of "The Weeping Song" which was well-received worldwide. "Not Another Vampire Song" is the fastest and hardest in the band's history. Legendary producer John Fryer (Fields of... Continue Reading →

VVMPYRE Unveils The Horror-Themed LP, ‘Neon Night Fright’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:January 19, 2023 - VVMPYRE begins 2023 having just released their new full-length LP, Neon Night Fright after a series of well-received singles.This long-awaited debut album brings together VVMPYRE’s love for horror with gothic guitars and dance beats.VVMPYRE’s artistic journey has always been heavily influenced by horror. Many of the tracks like “He Will Always Be”, “Neon Night Fright”,... Continue Reading →

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