Review: SK2N – ‘Derealization’ Album (noise/ambient)

Today, noise/ambient act, SK2N comes to us from Czechia with their album, ‘Derealization’; a bit of a journey in nine parts.

There are two elements about this release which I feel are worthy of mentioning. The first is the fact that while the release successfully maintains a similar tone throughout the duration of the album, the artist uses the direction AND intensity to grip the listener and transport them. For example, in the first track, “Deprivation”, the slow moving drone coupled with the noise draws itself forward to us but then envelops the listener and moves them along though we’re not really sure of the direction. Some artists do similar things having different tracks with vastly different explorations. But this release is actually like different chapters in similar atmospheres in the same journey – one with the occasional spot and change of speed. There’s also a really nice controlled chaos with the noise element – something that the band, Demonologists have perfected.

Often the album is both destructive one moment but then comfortable in the next. But then the artist successfully combines both of those elements simultaneously.

Generally speaking, the atmospheres of the different tracks, while somewhat similar resemble the likes of a slow moving train, a constant storm or a ghostly factory shutting down. (i.e. “Desperation”)

“Deformation” is another interesting track that starts off abrasive and begins breaking down. There’s a unique sounding harsh noise wall with high pitch drill sounds and noise wind weaving in and out.

Some of the tracks start off slow and then build up (like “Devastation”) perhaps to match with the emotional implication. It’s reflective – perhaps the end of the world coming and going.. fast paced thoughts at the same time of a slow dragging drone. It’s like the difference between how long a dream takes vs. reality in one composition. “Devastation” is also a great example of a track that does something many noise artists do not. It uses the advantage of dead silence before a sound wall to increase the intensity.

Sometimes stationary and enveloping… other times changing in movement. The tracks on this album are stylistically similar but I think philosophically different and that plays well with the artists; command.. The whole thing seems to be a display of contradictory emotions and states of being. It’s an environment where so much and nothingness comes to mind on their own and at the same times.

Well worth checking out if you are a fan of work that blends drone/ambient styles with harsh noise

Support the artist at the Bandcamp address below:


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