Dark Ambient Project, Cucurbitophobia Goes Nostalgic With ‘Autumnal Apparitions’

For Immediate Release:October 25, 2022 - Cucurbitophobia, known for their dark ambient, horror-inspired masterpiece releases has just unveiled their latest release in time for the Halloween season. Autumnal Apparitions is a collection of works inspired by the Autumn season. A rustic, nostalgic, melancholy ambiance is prevalent throughout the album, portraying an ebb and flow between dark, experimental dissonance... Continue Reading →

Former Requiem In White/Mors Syphilitica Vocalist, Lisa Hammer Revives A Ritual

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:October 19, 2022 - Lisa Hammer (Requiem In White, Mors Syphilitica) has just unveiled her limited, expanded edition of her cult classic release, Dakini. Containing three previously unreleased tracks, Dakini finally sees its edition on colored vinyl. Dakini is music for ritual, introspection and awakening of the senses. It was designed to carry the listener away from the manifest world and into a... Continue Reading →

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