Review: Neolithic Nation – ‘Atavism’ (noise)

We continue with our series of retro-reviews for Steinklang Industries. We go now to 2021’s ‘Atavism’ album by Neolithic Nation. Just below you’ll find a brief description of the album which appears on Bandcamp

“This album is a life cycle, which is beginning in the flames of enthusiasm and dissolves in the nothingness. An epileptic aura in the form of visions from the past. Field recordings were made at the historical ruins in Berlin.”

‘Atavism’ offers ten tracks, all of which are six minutes in length or shorter. The album is pretty dynamic in many ways as it explores rhythmic noise, dark ambient, improvisational harsh noise, field recordings and such. It has a genuine feel that one is walking through ruins so the artist’s use of historical ruins in Berlin is pretty effective.

There are some pretty disturbing moments in the album such as the track, “Materia II”. While only a minute and a half in length, this piece sounds like it should be placed in a soundtrack of one of most disturbing, unsettling horror movies one has ever seen.

One particular aspect of this album which I feel was done most effectively were the artist’s use of left and right panning which makes for a very dynamic mix. This, in conjunction with the exploration of varying aspects of noise (levels, frequencies, depth etc) makes for a very interesting and engaging release. Very creative and exploratory.


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