Martina Testen / Simon Šerc – “Biodukt” Album Review (environmental/noise)

a2801847047_16What better way to escape the confines of self-quarantine and still avoiding crowds than to escape into the woods.  And what better way to return to the blog than with a release documenting the sonic purity and solace of the woods.  Today Martina Tested and Simon Serc give us “Biodukt.”

“Biodukt” is a kaleidoscopic symphony of forest birds, dawn choruses, picturesque fields, smell of meadows and beech forests; a sound palette in perfect balance, a vivid portrait of flora, water and fauna – From fascinating bird songs and croaking frogs to insect chirping, it’s a real listening experience.”

The recordings for the album were compiled over a month that Martina and Simon spent in Italian and Slovenian forests.

Five lengthy tracks make up the album; tracks titled “Sunrise,” “Morning,” “Afternoon,”Evening” and “Sunset.”  Now, let’s be clear.  “Biodukt” is as pure as it gets.  This is not one of those manufactured “environmental” CDs that some self-proclaimed techno-whiz whipped up in his or her studio.  What Martina and Simon have provided us with is an actual documentation of the wonderful world that is nature.  Given the current climate, it might be hard to recall precisely what that’s like.  But this is as pure as it gets and at least these artists provide a much-needed respite from the world as we currently know it.

Minimalist noise fans might especially enjoy “Sunset” with the depth of bugs in the foreground and distant calls of birds in the back.”

The recording is part of the thesis by Martina Testen:

Analysis of the influence of the sound environment on customer behavior – EF Ljubljana, 2016 COBISS-ID-24042726  (available on digital and physical formats)

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