Polly Velvet – “Stomatology” Album Review (noise)


You fall asleep watching a science fiction movie and find yourself waking up in the dentist’s chair yet in the middle of a static and feedback-filled plane.  Then you wake up and realize that playing is Stomatology, the new release by harsh noise artist Polly Velvet.

Stomatology is a 6-track digital-only release with effect-laden feedback manipulation mixed with primitive static waves.  So, there’s some old school feel with some modern touches in this release.  In fact, the sounds do at times resemble that of a dentist drill but perhaps in a nightmarish environment.  The cover art probably resembles the end result.  Yes.  it’s that harsh.

According to the artist, It’s a sort of audio experience where you can taste the smell of the dental office and feel the grinding of the dental drill in your mouth. “It’s mostly inspired by dental surgery and the sounds you can hear or even feel when you’re being taken cared of by your dentist. Some people like it, some people don’t.”

There is some interesting stuff going on here and makes for a worthwhile listen for harsh noise fans.  Name Your Own Price on Bandcamp but as always, we do encourage you to support the artists.

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