58918012 – “60” Album Review (dark ambient/experimental)

a3595731748_16Yes, the name of the project is 58918012.  And Yes, the 8 tracks are sequentially labeled “7,5” (1-8).  Why?  Who cares?  We like it when all context is removed and what we are left with is simply the music itself.

Today from the Ukraine arrives 58918012 and their dark ambient album, 60.  What fascinated us about the release is what the artist, himself said in regard to it.

“The album was inspired by a world around me. I am always listening to the sounds and immediately recording to my smartphone everything that I found interesting (it may be anything, from the sound of the rain to vehicle noises). Then at some point, I feel that the time has come…and exporting all recorded samples to my PC, and starting to create. This certain release is mostly about my feeling of loneliness and helplessness. ’cause even with people around me, I always feel that I am still alone here.”

60 definitely has a prominent feeling of loneliness about it but not entirely without hope.  Rather, it’s a landscape of introspection; a look into the darker side of the outside world but with little wisps of hope.  There are some very, deep, dark ambient and analog foundations here but perhaps with just enough whimsical little nuances to keep the listener from exploring the emotional subterranean exclusively.

I found it interesting that this digital-only album had a long track at each bookend with tracks of shorter lengths in the middle, almost like a lengthy foreword and afterword of a book…or in this case a life explored and reflected upon.  Anyway, there is some definite uniqueness herein and outside-the-box unorthodox thinking.  Just when you think this artist is playing by the book, he throws a track like track 6 at you which features a female vocal in the forefront and a nightmarish soundscape in the back.   In other words, there’s a lot of spontaneity herein and it’s yet another release for those ambient/drone lovers who are in the mood for something a bit different.

For fans of Steve Roach, Lustmord and Robert Rich

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