Cadlag – “+” Album Review (experimental/noise)

a2158772816_16CADLAG is a noise/drone projectbrought together by members of PureH, Dodecahedragraph, TGWFYTD, Extreme Smoke 57 and Earslaughter.  In December of 2017, they created one of the most stunning noise/drone releases which they had recorded live in a cathedral.  You can check that out HERE:

“Cadlag project. — A space born in sound and a sound born in space.  Interweaving aural and visual architectures of sound by inspecting and challenging versatile sonic form(ul)ations.”

So now CADLAG returns with the simply-titled, “+” or “Plus.”  See below for the actual concept behind the album’s title.  This release contains an excerpt and then a 35-minute long piece.  At times vast and wondrous and other times, frighting and unsettling, not too many drone/noise acts can take you to several locations in one trip.  CADLAG has the ability to take the listener on a meandering journey through crystal-clear other-worldly spots only to drop them in a truly stunning and horrifying location filled with uncertainty.  Picture floating above cloud-lines and then suddenly finding yourself 30 yards below the ocean surface with only faint sounds available.  Beautiful unearthly ambient planes inter-weaved with organic instruments and harsh noise ribbons…only the way CADLAG can.

CADLAG are simply masters of incorporating density and sparseness in their unique journeys.  “Plus” is another journey, perhaps a tad more terrifying and paranoid than its predecessor.  Nevertheless it most definitely leaves the listener to feel not the same as they did the moment they clicked “Play.”

Phenomenology of [+].
Plus and minus being (NOT) one and the same.  “+” as additive function and “-” as subtractive function.  Both encompass difference, yet belong to one and the same movement, i.e. movement forwards and movement backwards. Both are too much and too less at the same time; both are use(ful/less). Both are movements of empty
mathematical forms, that belong to nothingness of their instrumental derivative, i.e. every(no)thing.  Everything and nothing, both being no-thing at all.  Empty addition and empty subtraction of “1” – first ‘sadistic’ movement of the will to add, divide and substract.  The birth of “1”, the birth of “+”, of the ever-additive sucessive “1’s”, that equals no-thing at all. Empty repetitive compulsive disorder of mathematical ‘creation’; abstract form/s that feeds on the concrete and presses it with non-avoidable sign of mortality, as the simple enumeration of the number “1”. The process that
stamps and kills/transforms the life-substance into mere empty abstract form/s. The first formally inevitable and perpetual death of the life itself, feeding and gorging upon its own (formal) flesh. The formal leaves the trace on the existential (the content of organic life), becomes the marker of the dissolution of the death itself, converging upon its own content, that is life. “+” and “-“, both being empty signs of absolute division, a demarcation between appearance/s and disappearance/s of no-thing/s.

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