Industrial Band IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDER Is Resurrected With New Album, ‘Retroject’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 16, 2021 - South Carolina-based industrial project IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDER has just unleashed their first full-length album, Retroject. Retroject is an album that was begun in 2001 but has just seen the light of day in 2021. Some of the songs may feel nostalgic and dated and that is because, well,... Continue Reading →

Industrial Speedcore Band, SKAT INJECTOR Brings Anti-Human Propaganda to ‘Bled Under A Burning Sky’

'Skat Injector follow an industrial black-grind path, flat out like a hardcore DJ on an adrenaline shot'. - John Norby (Zero Tolerance Magazine) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:December 8, 2021 - Bled Under A Burning Sky is the new record from SKAT INJECTOR. Grindcore-inspired speedcore and a diatribe of anti-human propaganda because that's what we deserve for what we've become. Willful ignorance,... Continue Reading →

UK Industrial Act THE ROYAL RITUAL Interprets Erik Satie With The Haunting, “Gnossienne No. 1.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:December 5, 2021 - UK Industrial act THE ROYAL RITUAL (David Lawrie) returns with a modern take on Erik Satie’s haunting solo piano composition, “Gnossienne No. 1.” Officially forming the B-Side of “Empires”, this interpretation of Satie’s seminal work is in-keeping with the dissonance, space, and expressiveness of the A-Side. The production was built around a live piano... Continue Reading →

ALIA SYNESTHESIA Unveils Original Score For Classic Horror Film, ‘Haxan’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:December 1, 2021 - Häxan, also known as The Witches or Witchcraft Through the Ages is a 1922 silent horror film written and directed by Benjamin Christensen. Consisting partly of documentary-style storytelling as well as dramatized narrative sequences, the film charts the historical roots and superstitions surrounding witchcraft, beginning in the Middle Ages through the 20th century. Haxan has become... Continue Reading →

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