Dual Analog Merges Spirituality & Sexuality For New Album, ‘Lust, Worship & Desire’!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:March 17, 2022 - Seattle-based "turbowave" band, Dual Analog has just unveiled their new album, 'Lust, Worship & Desire'.  Conceptually inspired by Buddhism, the album tells a story of the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. The album opens with narrator being kissed for the first time. After years of living without affection, he decides feminine love was missing... Continue Reading →

An Interview With CARRION (industrial metal)

Carrion is the Norwegian industrial metal act fronted by Hide Tepes.  Their bio states: "Carrion blends the bleak and apocalyptic sound design of industrial with their rock/metal influences ranging from WASP to Morbid Angel, topped off with Hide`s banshee-like vocals." The latest and forthcoming release is Evangelium Haeresis.  We’re grateful for the interview and we... Continue Reading →

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