Darkwave Band, TIGERCIDE Brings Chaos & Harmony To Their Single, “I Of Tiger”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:November 28, 2021 - Darkwave band, TIGERCIDE has just unveiled their new single, "I Of  Tiger." "I Of Tiger" taps the soul, a reminder to be aware of the chaos of one's external and internal world. It's a song of discernment and following one's true path regardless of the way the world moves. Mind and body in... Continue Reading →

Dark-Electro Project THRILLSVILLE Draws Upon Psychological Horror With “Creeps In The House” Single

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:November 11, 2021 - Dark-Electro project THRILLSVILLE has just unveiled their brand new single, "Creeps In The House." The theme of the song draws upon psychological horror and paranoia. Is there really something there? Or is it in your head? Rani Sharone, the sole member behind THRILLSVILLE says, ""Working on “Creeps in the House” took me to a place... Continue Reading →

Electro-Industrial Act SPANKTHENUN Goes Dark And Diverse With ‘The Bunker Tapes Volume II’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:November 8, 2021 - Dark electro-industrial act SPANKTHENUN picks up where The Bunker Tapes Vol. I and the closing track, "Dominate" left us. Now, The Bunker Tapes Vol. II continues the journey of mid 90-influenced industrial beats and moves into a more dark electro territory, then finally to a pure EBM vision with tracks like "Industrial Beats" and "Lockdown". Like... Continue Reading →

Darkwave/Industrial Act, VE’XILLARY Turns Therapy Into ‘Full Frontal Lunacy’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 6, 2021 - After a string of singles and EPs, darkwave-industrial act, VEXILLARY has unveiled their first full-length album, Full Frontal Lunacy. A long winter, the Covid-19 pandemic and an endless lockdown provided the perfect backdrop for a sonic self-portrait documenting one’s brush with madness. After the conceptual, SurViolence EP, VEXILLARY wanted to create a personal record as a... Continue Reading →

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