Graveshadow – “Ambition’s Price” Album Review (power metal)

It takes a mere few seconds to realize why Heather Michele's vocals are borderline addictive to listen to.  Why? She's real.  Sound strange?  How many dime-a-dozen female-fronted metal bands exist today only maintain a sound that is over-produced, too-symphonic, or put too much attention on the singer or any combination of thereof?  The answer is "too many." ... Continue Reading →

Nightwish – “Decades” Album Review

March 9 will see the release of Decades - a compilation featuring 22 career-spanning tracks from Nightwish on Nuclear Blast Records.  While Nightwish certainly requires no introduction for those of us who have grown up with their music, it cannot be understated that Decades is indeed the perfect introduction for those potential fans who have yet to... Continue Reading →

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