Whitephosphorous – “Cruel And Unusual Punishment” Album Review (noise)

Using found vocal samples and narration in the harsh noise arena is something I've always been a fan of.  There is plenty of that in today's offering which stands at around the 15 minute mark.  Cruel And Unusual Punishment is the latest release from Whitephosphorous on Trepanation Recordings. The release starts out with some faint... Continue Reading →

Interview With German Noise Artist SCATMOTHER

Continuing with the always under-appreciated and over-looked German noise scene, we turn our attention now to another intriguing underground act: Scatmother.  The latest release is a split with Chaos Cascade called Sacrificial Rites of Devotion.  Scatmother uniquely combines harsh noise with death industrial/post-industrial elements and occasional, abrasive vocals. We'd like to thank Scatmother for their... Continue Reading →

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