Szara Reneta – “Dawne Cmentarze Zydowskie – Old Jewish Cemeteries 2” (field recordings/noise)

From Szara Reneta, a small label in Poland comes a pretty unique cassette/digital release that mixes field recordings with noise.  In fact this is a second part of field recordings from old, abandoned Jewish cemeteries in southern Poland.  This time they visit cemeteries in villages: Czarny Dunajec and Podwilk.  Here's the link to the first... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dungeon Review: “A Chill Rises-An Ambient Tribute To Burzum” – (dungeon synth/dark ambient) by MATIVS

Regardless of your opinion of Varg Vikernes's philosophies, his influence is undeniable.  That includes just his dark ambient/dungeon synth side perhaps most known from the two albums he recorded while in prison - Daudi Baldrs and Hlidskjalf.  The Sunday Dungeon is a bit of a new ritual here at  But we often toss the... Continue Reading →

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