Sunday Dungeon Review: “A Chill Rises-An Ambient Tribute To Burzum” – (dungeon synth/dark ambient) by MATIVS

Regardless of your opinion of Varg Vikernes's philosophies, his influence is undeniable.  That includes just his dark ambient/dungeon synth side perhaps most known from the two albums he recorded while in prison - Daudi Baldrs and Hlidskjalf.  The Sunday Dungeon is a bit of a new ritual here at  But we often toss the... Continue Reading →

Taake – “Kong Vinter” Album Review

If you thought that all of the snow in the second wave of black metal had been trodden upon, think again.  Taake returns with a new album, Kong Vinter to remind us that the second wave is in fact, still alive. Kong Vinter is the seventh album from Taake and sees Hoest playing all instruments himself.... Continue Reading →

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