Metadevice – “Studies For A Vortex” Album Review (noise/experimental)

Maelstrom might be the first and most appropriate word that comes to mind in regard to today's offering.  Coming courtesy of Malignant Records is the new release from Metadevice, Studies For A Vortex. Andre Coelho, the individual behind Metadevice is also a founding member of the now-defunct Sektor 304 as well as a contributor to Beyond... Continue Reading →

An Interview With BLOOD RHYTHMS (noise/experimental)

BLOOD RHYTHMS is an ongoing and constantly morphing collective spearheaded by veteran experimental artist and Chicago native Arvo Zylo. The unit's new LP, CIVIL WAR began its conceptual impetus before its vinyl debut, 2014's ASSEMBLY, which was a layered whale song / locomotive stomp of brass & wind instruments recorded in a meat locker, released in collaboration with RRRECORDS. In 2010, after a few years of makeshift... Continue Reading →

DUNKELHEIT PRODUCTIONS Announces The Release Of CHAOS CASCADE’s “Son Of The Void (Chapter I & II).”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 27, 2019 -  Dunkelheit Productions officially announces the reissue of German cult harsh noise act CHAOS CASCADE's "Son Of The Void (Chapter I & II)."   This is a re-release of the cult band's nihilistic 2018 EP. Nine tracks of nihilistic electronics – 40 minutes of alienation from substantiality, finally available on CD or vinyl.  The whole... Continue Reading →

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