Polly Velvet – “Stomatology” Album Review (noise)

You fall asleep watching a science fiction movie and find yourself waking up in the dentist's chair yet in the middle of a static and feedback-filled plane.  Then you wake up and realize that playing is Stomatology, the new release by harsh noise artist Polly Velvet. Stomatology is a 6-track digital-only release with effect-laden feedback... Continue Reading →

Cadlag – “+” Album Review (experimental/noise)

CADLAG is a noise/drone projectbrought together by members of PureH, Dodecahedragraph, TGWFYTD, Extreme Smoke 57 and Earslaughter.  In December of 2017, they created one of the most stunning noise/drone releases which they had recorded live in a cathedral.  You can check that out HERE: "Cadlag project. — A space born in sound and a sound... Continue Reading →

Experimental Noise Artist AntiMozdeBeast Releases “The Red River”

Experimental Noise artist and dark musical driving force AntiMozdeBeast will release their new full-length album, The Red River this spring on Bandcamp. The prolific visionary creative mastermind behind AntiMozdeBeast is Gabriel Palacio who creates writes all of the music and lyrics, plays all of the instruments and provides vocals for the project. The Red River will be Gabriel's third Bandcamp release in 2020, and... Continue Reading →

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