An Interview With MOON AND AZURE SHADOW (atmospheric black metal)

Moon And Azure Shadow is the brainchild of one Sean Yoshioka.  "Formed in 2012, the solo project "Moon and Azure Shadow" seeks to combine influences from Japanese Soundtracks and Atmospheric Black Metal to create an immersive dark and ethereal sound"  Moon And Azure Shadow creates sonic landscapes that successfully combine atmospheric black metal with dungeon synth and... Continue Reading →

Interview: Japanese Noise Artist KK Null

KK Null is one of the most prominent names in the Japanese noise scene.  He really needs no introduction.  However, for the sake of a few of you who might merely be curious about Japanese noise/power electronics in general, you simply can't grasp the movement as a whole without listening to KK's work.  After hearing... Continue Reading →

Interview: Seij minus aC – EBM/Industrial from Japan

As I noted in my review of the Black Acuity Suddenly Diagonal album, Seij minus aC is truly a special artist.  The musical dynamics of sole-member hAj spread from very minute in technical detail to abstraction both conceptually and formally. You can read the review here... We are taking an active and aggressive effort to promote Seij... Continue Reading →

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