An Interview With Derision Cult (Industrial Rock/Metal)

Hi Dave. Thanks for the interview. First let’s talk about your two most recent singles, “Bastards Of The World” and “Deaf Blood”. What can you tell us about these tracks and how they fit in together? Well we knew all along we wanted to get Deaf Blood out there front and center because it’s more... Continue Reading →

Darkwave Band Peter Jennings Disciples Brings Dreams And Nightmares To New EP, ‘Bad News’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:October 14, 2022 - Peter Jennings Disciples return with their sophomore EP, Bad News.  Bad News explores dreams and nightmares, forgiveness and damnation. Through dark electronic and industrial rock themes: wailing bagpipes and fragile synths on the likes of "Not Enough Bridge" contrasted with pounding beats and heavy guitars on "Wild Girl (Slug Mix)", the band further develops... Continue Reading →

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