Interview With Industrial Bass Artist, SINthetik Messiah

Pioneering the "industrial bass" style is one Bug Gigabyte, otherwise known as the project, SINthetik Messiah. The band's diversity and level of creativity is unparalleled. SINthetik Messiah has been kicking up a stink in the swamps of Louisiana DJing when he's working in one of his numerous styles of music. His two most recent singles... Continue Reading →

Hardcore Electronic Artist Perfect Dark Breaks 20 Year Silence With New Single, “Still Standing”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly 26, 2022 - In 2002, Alexander Azzi, otherwise known as the hardcore/gabber electronic act, Perfect Dark dropped a six-song EP titled Here I Stand. It was released by DJ Rob GEE who signed Perfect Dark to a record deal and helped the project break out into the aggressive hard dance scene. After an indefinite leave and losing touch with... Continue Reading →

Industrial Bass Artist SINthetik Messiah Addresses Violence In The Vatican With New Single

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:July 5, 2022 - Louisiana-based industrial bass artist SINthetik Messiah has unleashed a provocative new single. "Assassins That Run On Faith" takes aim at violence and abuse in the Vatican. "For 1,000s of years inside the Vatican a covenant of nuns exist solely to rid the evil of this world. Through sheer violence, this covenant was able to bring the Vatican to... Continue Reading →

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