Azaghal – “Valo Pohjoisesta” Album Review (Black Metal)

Still some black metal artists find ways to create new and original works of art while hanging them on similar tapestries as their contemporaries.  And that's what we have for you today. Immortal Frost Productions has a stellar roster and hand picks original black metal bands that never disappoint.  Today we have the new album... Continue Reading →

Atra Vetosus – “Apricity” Album Review (black metal)

Our friends at Immortal Frost Productions have a knack for picking some of the best atmospheric black metal bands around.  Today's offering is no exception. Apricity is the new release from Atra Vetosus and the follow-up to their 1-track masterpiece 2016 release Ius Vitae Necisque.  Containing eight tracks, Apricity is contains 6 wonderfully-crafted scathing atmospheric black metal cuts... Continue Reading →

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