“Will Metal’s Comeback Last?” (Guest Editorial)

Will Metal's Comeback Last? The numbers don't lie: rock music is in decline, and is not the most popular form of music for the first time in quite a while. Splinditty took a look at the topic earlier this year, citing issues like changing demographics, rock's issue with being too serious, and shifting priorities for... Continue Reading →

Sutekh Hexen & Blsphm Split 7” Review

Legendary recordings that have been properly resurrected are some of the more interesting reviews.  What we have here is a split 7-inch vinyl release that originally appeared and disappeared in 2014 as a cassette by Dead Accents; 2 acts, both from the USA-Sutekh Hexen(Bay Area) and Blsphm(Seattle). Sutekh Hexen combines black metal of the sickest... Continue Reading →

Gloom – “Catharsis” Album Review

From gloom comes catharsis (the process of releasing therefore providing relief) should one choose to rise above the negative.  But from Slovakia comes gothic metal band Gloom with their second release Catharsis; a cut above the run-of-the-mill gothic metal/power metal acts that exist today. You'll notice the Metal section of Noisebeneaththesnow.com hasn't been quite as active... Continue Reading →

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