Lizzy Borden – “Midnight Things” Official Lyric Video

Hey Friends... Well, Lizzy Borden has returned after an 11-year absence.  As a long-time huge fan, I'm pretty excited about that.  Anyway, Metal Blade would like you to check out the lyric video for the lead single, "My Midnight Things."  From the way it sounds, this could very well be classic Lizzy Borden in the... Continue Reading →

Sutekh Hexen & Blsphm Split 7” Review

Legendary recordings that have been properly resurrected are some of the more interesting reviews.  What we have here is a split 7-inch vinyl release that originally appeared and disappeared in 2014 as a cassette by Dead Accents; 2 acts, both from the USA-Sutekh Hexen(Bay Area) and Blsphm(Seattle). Sutekh Hexen combines black metal of the sickest... Continue Reading →

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