Guaranteed Coverage for Donation/Commission

Dear Friends, As you might imagine, we get a LOT of submissions. With a primary job in PR, it's very challenging to find time to work on the blog. So we are offering priority/guaranteed coverage for artists who are looking for a review, interview or simple news post. It's VERY inexpensive and goes through our... Continue Reading →

ENSEMBLE 1 – “Guitar, Bass & Drums” Review

We journey now to Brighton, UK for an act that balances simplicity with complexity.  ENSEMBLE 1 brings us Guitar, Bass & Drums, their latest release.  The album contains three tracks for around 48 minutes.  Their Bandcamp states that “Ensemble 1 combine minimalist composition methods with speed, volume and intricate percussion techniques to create gargantuan soundscapes.” One... Continue Reading →

Experimental/Electronic Düshan Düshan Reveals New EP

Russian experimental/electronic artist Düshan Düshan has announced the release of their new EP, the appropriately-titled, EP.  The release contains four tracks and clocks in at just under twenty minutes. Aleksandr Sokolov us the sole artist behind Düshan Düshan. The project is named after the French conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp as well as the band Duran Duran. After... Continue Reading →

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