Review: RASMUS WEIRUP – “I Bet You Never Had A Friday Night Like This” (experimental/ambient/electronic)

Coming to us from Copenhagen, Denmark is a singer/songwriter who uniquely describes his music as "The Greenwich Village folk scene of 1967 treated with a coffee grinder and broadcasted through the echoing ground system of an abandoned shopping mall." Now if that's not the most original description, I don't know what is. Anyway, Rasmus Weirup... Continue Reading →

ENSEMBLE 1 – “Guitar, Bass & Drums” Review

We journey now to Brighton, UK for an act that balances simplicity with complexity.  ENSEMBLE 1 brings us Guitar, Bass & Drums, their latest release.  The album contains three tracks for around 48 minutes.  Their Bandcamp states that “Ensemble 1 combine minimalist composition methods with speed, volume and intricate percussion techniques to create gargantuan soundscapes.” One... Continue Reading →

Experimental/Electronic Düshan Düshan Reveals New EP

Russian experimental/electronic artist Düshan Düshan has announced the release of their new EP, the appropriately-titled, EP.  The release contains four tracks and clocks in at just under twenty minutes. Aleksandr Sokolov us the sole artist behind Düshan Düshan. The project is named after the French conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp as well as the band Duran Duran. After... Continue Reading →

Interview With IMBUED VAGARY (electronic/experimental)

Originally a minimalist side project from Industrial electro-terrorists, Any Questions?, Imbued Vagary coalesced into being in 1989 as an outlet for their electronic experiments and sonic soundscapes. Imbued Vagary now lives on as a musical collective of like minded musicians whose purpose is to explore new musical realms and technologies. We had the chance to explore the... Continue Reading →

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