Hate Eternal – “Upon Desolate Sands” Album Review (Death Metal)

It's nearly hard to believe that Hate Eternal has been in existence for nearly 20 years.  Yes...it's actually been 19 since their debut Conquering The Throne.  Believe it or not.  The band has this to say about the new album Upon Desolate Sands: "We put everything we have into this album to create a very special... Continue Reading →

Interview: Rotten Evisceration (Peru) (death metal)

Rotten Evisceration is a brutal death metal band from Peru.  Blood Splattered Axe Records in conjunction with Guts 'n' Blood Records are proud to release Rotten Evisceration's album Ancient Grave Ascension on November 1.  The 8 track album is sure to please fans of brutal death metal/slam/goregrind etc.  We'd like to thank Rotten Evisceration for... Continue Reading →

Interview: Coldbound (FIN) (black/death metal)

From the ice and snow of Finland comes the appropriately named, Coldbound; a project lead by Pauli Souka.  Fused with elements of black and death metal, Coldbound throws in plenty of shards of originality from little nuances to outright composition structure.  The Gale is the new full-length album.  Perhaps one of the more humble artists in the... Continue Reading →

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