∆ø∆ -“Lost Souls Of The River” EP Review (dark ambient/drone)

It's not often we get an opportunity to travel the subterranean levels of Budapest, Hungary.  But today is an exception.  Today we visit ∆ø∆'s recent 4-track EP, Lost Souls Of The River.  The EP runs about 17 minutes.  I think the mark of a good dark ambient release is when the artist is clearly mindful... Continue Reading →

An Interview With WITNESSES (dark ambient)

WITNESSES is a New York-based project that explores themes in the dark ambient area.  Greg Schwan is the mastermind behind the project.  The latest release is III which features Gabbi Coenen on vocals and Matthew Kozar on additional guitar.  We'd like to thank Greg for his time in this interview. Can you start off telling us... Continue Reading →

Oestergaards – “Moloken” EP Review (dark ambient)

Diving into the realm of depression and anxiety is not always easy.  Neither is listening to an effective soundtrack to the journey.  Swedish dark ambient artist Oestergaards presents us with their new EP, Moloken which tackles this very journey. ”Moloken” is a settlement with depression and anxiety. After years of struggling with mental illness, this record... Continue Reading →

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