NDE – “United (Through Iron And Blood)” Album Review (noise/hnw/power electronics) Cold Spring Records

Albums like this start wars and inspire the unthinkable. United is the latest slab of sonic abrasion courtesy of NDE on Cold Spring Records.   From Cold Spring: “United (Through Iron And Blood)” is NDE’s third album and sees a return to the harsher sounds of their debut, “Krieg Blut Ehre Asche”. Deranged Black Metal vocals... Continue Reading →

Khost – “Governance” Album Review

Khost's "Governance" just might be one of the heaviest things I have heard since GodFlesh's iconic "Streatcleaner" album.  It's no surprise then that this duo is from Birmingham, UK; the same homeland as Justin from Godflesh. Governance is the new release on Cold Spring Records, fusing a devastating mixture of noise infected doom, death industrial/backdrops and... Continue Reading →

She Spread Sorrow – “Mine” Album Review

She Spread Sorrow is the product of Italian artist Alice Kundalini.  Mine her latest release on Cold Spring records and the follow-up to her debut album, Rumspringa. Whenever Cold Spring tosses something in my direction, I know that it will be unique.  What we have here is a unique mix of minimalist death-induced soundscape/power electronics, dark... Continue Reading →

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