Review: Chris Wicked – ‘Aleine’ (darkwave/alt/neofolk)

Bergen, Norway isn't exactly known for pure and original sounding music that blends darkwave, alternative rock, neo-folk and then some. Mostly it's a home to many artists in the black metal field. Nevertheless, it's home to today's artist, Chris Wicked. Chris hasn't completely abandoned the black metal world, however, as his album has appearances from... Continue Reading →

DAWN OF ASHES Releases Unsettling, NSFW Video for “EMDR”!

Los Angeles based Industrial Metal band DAWN OF ASHES has revealed the hotly anticipated, intensely graphic official music video for their single, "EMDR." Fully NSFW, featuring unsettling imagery as analogies for the wholly encompassing and often contradictory experiences of severe trauma sufferers, "EMDR" is not for the feint of heart, but serves as a uniquely explicit insight... Continue Reading →

ASHES FOR THE MUTE Unleashes The New Album “Celestial Revelations” (Black Metal)

ASHES FOR THE MUTE Unleashes The New Album “Celestial Revelations”; Full Streaming Available The US Black Metal outfit ASHES FOR THE MUTE is excited to announce that his new full-length Celestial Revelations is finally out via Reaping Scythe Records and Habilis Tapes. The album is available in full streaming on the band's YouTube channel: With Celestial Revelations the band catapults you into the deepest space,... Continue Reading →

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