Review: Controlled Death: ‘Feasts & Holy Slaughter’ 7″ (harsh noise/experimental)

There is creepy and then there are levels of “creepy” that a few artists manage to reach.  Controlled Death does the latter and in a pretty short amount of time.  The experimental/noise act has just released their new 7”, Feasts & Holy Slaughter on Deathbed Tapes. One track on each side of the record. “Feasts”... Continue Reading →

Electronic Artist ALIA SYNESTHESIA Unveils ‘Anhedonia’ EP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:September 1, 2021 - Canadian electronic artist ALIA SYNESTHESIA has unveiled her new EP, Anhedonia. It is the first concept EP to be originally released under the name of ALIA SYNESTHESIA. "Anhedonia" is defined as "the inability to feel pleasure." ALIA SYNESTHESIA conceptually explores this not only as a de-contextualized nebulous tendril of clinical depression, but as an every day side... Continue Reading →

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