An Interview With Derision Cult (Industrial Rock/Metal)

Hi Dave. Thanks for the interview. First let’s talk about your two most recent singles, “Bastards Of The World” and “Deaf Blood”. What can you tell us about these tracks and how they fit in together? Well we knew all along we wanted to get Deaf Blood out there front and center because it’s more... Continue Reading →

Interview With Electronic Artist, Josie Pace

Josie Pace is an artist hailing from Detroit, Michigan whose music blends elements of electro, goth, synthpop and then some. Her latest album is IV0X10V5 on Negative Gain Productions. She's also about to embark on a lengthy tour in support of Aesthetic Perfection. We'd like to thank Josie for her time in the interview. What... Continue Reading →

Interview With Darkwave Act, Distance H

Distance H is the project created by the Parisian producer ManuH and realized in collaboration with female artists to whom he gives voice and entrusts the  vocals being one with his dark and melancholic style. They've recently released their new single, "Bitch 16". We're very grateful for their time in the interview. Thanks very much for the... Continue Reading →

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