Darkwave Trio In A Darkened Room Unveil Haunting Video for “Sleep Again”

San Antonio-based darkwave trio, In A Darkened Room have just unveiled the video for their new single, “Sleep Again”. The song appears on the forthcoming full-length LP due out in early December.

“Sleep Again” is a story about my experiences with night terrors and sleep paralysis.  I had a string of nightmares that featured a recurring female entity that seemingly had fun tormenting me over a series of days causing me to question what was real and what wasn’t.  Feeling and hearing sensations without the ability to move was a surreal experience.” – CJ Duron

The video is illustrated with the DIY eerie clip directed by Darkened Room Productions. Bringing to mind filmmaker Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon, the video depicts the creepy sleep paralysis demon and the havoc she hath wrought.

In the winter of 2019, lifelong San Antonio musician CJ Duron (The Sandworms) needed a creative outlet as he emerged from the bleakest trenches of personal tragedy. His grief transmuted into a morose sound, which became the impetus for his newest darkwave project, In A Darkened Room. With the addition of longtime friends and co-conspirators, bassist Svia Svenlava (Shadow Fashion, The Sandworms,) and synth player, Kandi Keys (Love/Hate Affair,) the band began meeting in Duron’s dimly-lit basement studio. Almost immediately, the world around them changed into an even darker and more dangerous place as the pandemic raged across Texas, devastating the music and performance industries. They found themselves cocooned together in that basement, exorcising their demons through music.





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