Interview With Industrial Bass Artist, SINthetik Messiah

Pioneering the “industrial bass” style is one Bug Gigabyte, otherwise known as the project, SINthetik Messiah. The band’s diversity and level of creativity is unparalleled. SINthetik Messiah has been kicking up a stink in the swamps of Louisiana DJing when he’s working in one of his numerous styles of music. His two most recent singles are a vehement attack on the hypocrisy of religion. Bug is a fascinating character and we’re grateful to have this interview with him.

Hello and thanks for the interview.  Your new track is “Assassins That Run On Faith”.  Can you talk a little bit specifically about that track?

Thank you for contacting me! 

The new single is part two in a string of singles that is leading up to my 2nd full length album. Musically,  inspiration came from the Drum & Bass artists that are experimenting in the noise arena. Acts like Counterstrike, Zardonic, Katharsys and Hallucinator. However, I’m not one to rip off another artist. So I’m  putting my own flavor to it.  The concept of the single is exploring and exposing abuse that is more than often pushed under the rug. Any form of abuse is terrible.  It’s even more terrible when people get away with it. On the surface it may seem like a cliché attack on Christianity because I do goth/industrial music. However the truth is, this is a real problem. Abuse within a system. A system that makes up 2.4 billion people. 

Is there any significance to the capitalized SIN in the band name?  Is that reflective of any religious themes you’ve addressed? 

It doesn’t really play any role or influence with the music. I do that because it is unique. Something that you see and you know it’s me/the band. 

And to answer your second question. I am going to say yes. As in some type of sin is normally the main theme when it comes to writing about religion.  The religious aspect is a very small part of music I have written. I dive into many different subjects in my work. It just so happens that is where I’m at right now when writing. 

When the 2nd full length releases it’s not going to have a religious theme but goes more into a post apocalyptic world. 

The new single, it says features a sample of Pope Francis apologizing to nuns regarding abuse?  Where did you locate this sample and are there particular sources to which you look for samples? 

Yes, You can look it up on YouTube by searching this exact phrase “Pope Francis Apology to Nuns”  When it comes to sampling I either look to old films or I sample straight from the source if it’s a politician or religious thing. 

Your style is referred to as industrial bass? Does your process usually start with bass lines or do they simply find their way into your normal creative process?

Yes, and they find their way into my normal creative writing process. Most of the time I start with the drums first and I base the groove or the rhythm off what the drums are doing. 

You’ve been pretty critical of religion in your recent singles?  Why is that? 

I wish I had some long reason or some deep seeded reason why. But the truth is  I write and I write and I write and sometimes the dots just connect. That’s just kinda how it fell together. The harder part is connecting the tracks to a full length that has no straight connection except when the shit hits the fan, “God” is the first thing that people start talking to and at it’s core, the corrupt with in the system is what drives the story. 

How did you hook up with Tom from Assemblage 23 for the remix of the new single? 

I’ve been following Tom on Facebook for a while and have been a fan for years. I just messaged him one day and he was down.  That man is such a talented engineer. He continuously blows me away. 

From the perspectives of both the creator and the remixer, what do you think makes a good remix? Why do you think remixes are so prevalent in the industrial music scene?

I think this is a “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” type of question. What I think is good might not be good to someone else. Personally, I prefer originality over anything else.  What new experience am I gonna get out of it? It’s not much of a remix if it sounds like the original version. 

What dictates whether you are going to work on an ambient noise work or your more traditional-sounding material?

My mood really or if I’m trying to explore a certain concept/idea. Every song I have written has a concept behind it. 

What’s next for SINthetik Messiah in the forthcoming months?

I will be releasing part 2 of the release “Xenocide”  titled “Xenocidal” Which is me exploring more of the rhythmic noise side of house music. After that will be my 2nd full length album that is more in the realm of hard/dark Industrial Drum & Bass.

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