Concert Review: Rivers Of Nihil @ Pop’s – Sauget, Illinois (9.5.2021)

Rivers Of Nihil appeared second on the bill sandwiched between Undeath and Carnifex on what is called the ‘Up From The Sewer Tour’ which also featured After The Burial and The Black Dahlia Murder. After a quick set change, Rivers Of Nihil began plowing through the thirty five minute set that they were allotted.

The sound blasting through the speakers was mixed exceptionally well.  In fact, it was the only show out of hundreds where I tipped the sound guy.  If you caught this tour, you likely know what I am talking about. 

In some ways this was a good tour for the criminally underrated Rivers Of Nihil as it allowed the opportunity to make some new fans, especially after many hadn’t seen a show in over a year and a half.  On the other hand, the short set left existing fans wanting more.  There were some fans there for sure, new and old.

Rivers Of Nihil did a five-song set featuring two tracks from the latest album, ‘The Work”, two from ‘Where Owls Know My Name’ and one from ‘Monarchy.’ Pretty good set selections as it gave the audience a chance to hear the depth and varied speed that Rivers Of Nihil are known for…even down to the saxophone rearing its head in the closer, “Where Owls Know My Name.”

The band didn’t have much room on the stage but that didn’t seem to matter.  They plowed through with what seemed like perfect precision.  So we’re definitely looking forward to seeing Rivers Of Nihil do a headline tour where they can perform an expanded set. Nevertheless, I HIGHLY recommend people go check out Rivers Of Nihil live.  It’s one of those classic cases where simply streaming the audio or playing the CD doesn’t completely do the band justice.

‘The Work’ is the latest album from Rivers Of Nihil available on Metal Blade Records and can be ordered HERE:


The Silent Life



Sand Baptism

Where Owls Know My Name

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