Review: Lugola – ‘You Are Not Special’ (Noise/Experimental)

We continue our Steinklang Industrial Label-themed series with one of the more recent releases, You Are Not Special, by the Poland-based noise act LUGOLA.

LUGOLA gives us eight tracks of varying lengths from about three minutes, forty eight seconds to just over nine minutes. Their Bandcamp page states that the album “is so far LUGOLA‘s most radical and extreme record. YANS is an assault on your senses, almost physical show of nihilism and hate, a channel for all negative thoughts and emotions.”

The first couple of tracks on the release maintain some fairly standardized, semi-dense noise walls and some male narration that sounds like it’s coming from a megaphone and as though it’s either from some old military propaganda reel or from some end of the world alert.

Then you have a track like “Choke” which again bears a bed of noise, but in this case it’s more subdued with some death-industrial style hits.  The mail narration is now under some different effects and almost sound like a sonic ribbon merging in and out of the noise wall.  It’s predominantly inaudible but LUGOLA has managed to effectively merge both the noise and the vocals.

“Deform” takes the death industrial aspect even further with some repetition and merges it with the noise wall.  The narration is now completely inaudible but again merges with the noise in the background.  LUGOLA also appears in this track to keep the noise less monotonous by experimenting a bit with the fluctuation and frequencies. But this track may very well be the most chaotic, apocalyptic and disturbing cuts.

The remainder of the tracks play around with the above-mentioned aspects of the album. But I think the strength in this recording exists in LUGOLA’s ability to take semi-audible narration, manipulating it and basically turning it into an instrument of noise, blending in with the various noise walls in the background.

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