Review: Controlled Death: ‘Feasts & Holy Slaughter’ 7″ (harsh noise/experimental)

There is creepy and then there are levels of “creepy” that a few artists manage to reach.  Controlled Death does the latter and in a pretty short amount of time.  The experimental/noise act has just released their new 7”, Feasts & Holy Slaughter on Deathbed Tapes.

One track on each side of the record. “Feasts” is side A.  Very subdued but harsh, echoed vocals is the prominent sound herein but they are done so in such away that they sound like they are coming from a cave or a slow explosion.  The lack of the listener’s ability to understand the words allows the vocals to seemingly merge with the noise.  Beneath the vocals is a very low, rolling noise…kind of like an explosion that’s about to happen but never does.  Highly effective and very disturbing this track is.

On the flip side of the release is “Holy Slaughter.”  Tortured, echoed vocals continue accompanied immediately by what sounds like a long-running, noisy horn.  Both of these elements seem to weave in and out like noise waves.  The overdriven noise drops and then reappears again like some apocalyptic, twisted alarm.  It would be interesting to find out what sort of equipment the artist used for this crazy piece.

The best way to explain this release is like an explosion in slow motion.  The artists makes his point in a short amount of time and it’s a very disturbing, destructive, creepy point at that. 

Ltd. To 150 copies and also available in digital format.

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