Review: THE RITA: ‘Overdriven Stocking Worship: Women’s Legs And Feet In Nylon’ Reissue (noise/experimental)

So how about some foot fetish-core?

Did that get your attention?  Most of you who are fans of harsh noise are likely familiar with the project, The Rita.  Their uniqueness comes largely from their aesthetic and sonic themes around foot/leg fetishes.  It’s been a bit since we’ve reviewed a good noise album.  So why not here? 

Overdriven Stocking Worship was just reissued on limited edition cassette by Sweden-based label, Ominous Recordings. At the time of this writing, there are less than five copies left.  The original recording was from 2013. It’s also available as a digital album

The album contains one long track, clocking in at exactly 21 minutes. Now, we’ve always been fans here of found sounds, voice samples and such.  If used properly, they can be highly-effective in the noise/experimental arena.  But what The Rita does in this particular release is bring the raw samples to the forefront and the minimal noise to the background.

The recording starts off with a male narration that sounds like a provocative 60s commercial.  What makes this album so effective is the production.  All of the raw samples sound as though they are from old school TV commercials.  There is a VERY minimal static noise in the background for the duration which really adds to the creepy, old-school feel of the recording.  I’m not sure if it’s from the natural raw recording or if The Rita did part of it.  However, when added to the raw samples, it sounds old and creepy like some obscure recording dug up from an attic after many years in storage.  The duration of the recording contains dialog between 2-3 women discussing, of course leg, stocking and feet fetishes.  It’s like 60s Youtube that requires adult verification when you login.

So, check it out.  If you are not one of the lucky ones to snag a cassette, the digital is worth it as well.  Pretty cool label to keep an eye on too.

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