Exclusive Video Premiere: MALICE MACHINE – “Restrict” (industrial/electro)

Industrial/ebm band MALICE MACHINE is about to drop their highly-anticipated new album, Chemical Violence tomorrow. We’re happy to present to you, a day early, their new video, “Restrict.” Check it out below. If you are a writer or DJ and are interested in a review or interview, please get in touch!!

All songs are written by Syn and Ammo and recorded and mastered by Syn at our studio. Prototype, Restrict, and Dead Circuit were co-produced and mixed with John Bechdel from MINISTRY.

About the Album:

Chemical Violence started as a continuation of our first album, Digital Scars, but quickly evolved into a more electronic driven, rhythmic Industrial project with guitar being a lesser element. There are several dance heavy tracks but we also return to brooding flavors to satisfy our darker nature. Lyrically we drift between cyber and horror themes but they’re really just underlying metaphors of how the world can be a hostile place, ready to grind you down if you let it.

This album covers a lot of industrial territory. We don’t want to be pigeonholed into one sub-genre so all the songs have their own flavor. Retro and post style, Electronic, driven guitar, grinding Noisecore and Aggrotech elements, Synth bass, Drum dominant. We’re open minded and love a lot of industrial styles which will show on this album.
We met John Bechdel back in 2019 since we were practically neighbors and ran in a lot of local circles. We started working on a 6 song EP with the help of John mixing and producing in his studio. But then covid hit, along with lockdowns and an endless series of delays. We were held up for over a year. By the time we went to release the EP, we had more material ready to go so we decided to do a full album. In the last three months we wound up writing, recording, mixing and mastering 7 more songs. We then added Winter’s Dark as a bonus track to give it more exposure. It was originally released on a compilation for Brutal Resonance Magazine and we consider it to be the start of our current writing style.




Originally hailing from NYC, MALICE MACHINE is a collaboration of two dark souls, Syn and Ammo. Their sound emanates in a cybernetic assembly of Industrial synths, seething noise, methodical drums, razored guitar, and edge riding vocals.

Utilizing their musical methods of programming with organic musicianship, MALICE MACHINE crafts their songs in a menacing mesh of analog and digital waves. 

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